About me

I am Kathryn Cartwright and I founded Cartwright Language Services Limited in 2000.

A trained linguist, with experience of working abroad, I initially worked as an in-house translator for a large international manufacturing company. Over seven years I grew the department from just me to a point where we were able to support all five company languages with in-house translators for each language. We sub-contracted other languages to translation agencies on a regular basis. I also headed the Technical Publications Department and was responsible for the creation of the English master documents.

This thorough grounding in all aspects of technical documentation and technical translation gave me the confidence to start my own business in 2000. My knowledge gained from also being a “customer” in this business means that I have a greater understanding of the work involved throughout the documentation process and can appreciate the customers’ position.

Since starting my business I have intentionally kept my customer base to a level where I can offer a full, individual translation service to each customer. This level of service only comes when you work with one individual for all stages of the process:

  • I do not employ Project Managers;
  • all jobs are personally processed by me;
  • any issues will be handled and resolved by me;
  • I will be that link you need to the particular languages you require.

To support my business I work with a trusted group of technical translators, covering the languages required by my customers.

If you would like more information on the services offered, please take a look at “For customers”.

If you would like more information on becoming part of my translation team, please take a look at “For translators“.