For customers

Thank you for visiting my website. Here are a few more details about how Cartwright Language Services Limited works with customers.

Human translation: using a tool to give you the best service

Generally, translation companies use translation memory software to assist with the analysis, translation and formatting of files. This is not machine translation, but a tool to help the customer obtain the highest level of translation.

By using a translation tool I am able to store the text in your documents in a database, sentence by sentence, with the original sentence stored alongside the translation. This database gradually forms a Translation Memory and enables a translator to have instant access to previously translated phrases. This helps to maintain consistency of terminology and individual words can be recalled for use in the new text. Over time, the Translation Memory is of considerable assistance when working with similar files or updates to existing files. When analysing a file, not only will matching phrases be inserted, but a translator can also find similar phrases and amend them and re-use them where necessary.

This leads to a more consistent style for your documentation as well as a reduction in timescales for producing a new document. Cost is also a factor and the greater the re-use of text, then the lower the cost will be to you, the customer.

Document formats

Due to the versatility of the translation tool I use, I am able to accept documents in a wide variety of formats (standard Microsoft Office formats, InDesign, Framemaker, xml, html to name but a few). For some DTP packages, there are particular export formats which also allow a translation company to maintain the formatting, fonts and links to graphics for a customer. If the document is not available in its original format, I can also work from a pdf but delivery would be a plain, unformatted Word document. I would be happy to quote for also re-creating the layout of the document, if this was required.

What you can expect

On receipt of your document, I would process the file using my translation tool to give me an accurate word count. Where applicable, I would analyse against the translation memory I have set up for you to analyse for any matches with the memory and any repetitions within the file. I would then submit a fixed-price quotation based on these word counts, giving an estimated timeframe for completing the work, following your go-ahead. Once approved and on receipt of your Purchase Order number, I would begin the work.

The translators who work for me are freelance translators, so I would book the work in with them and agree a fixed delivery date. I have worked with the same group of translators for many years, as I believe this enables me to offer a better, more consistent service to the customer. For some customers I work with the customer’s in-country representative to complete a proofreading stage.

Finally, I reformat the translations and supply you with a fully translated document in the same format as the original document supplied.

Once a job is completed I would submit my invoice to your Accounts Department. Payments are welcome through BACS and Telegraphic Transfer. Other methods can be arranged.

My expertise

My expertise relates to technical documentation and I work in many fields, for example, general medical living aids, communication devices, weighing technology, refrigeration, etc.

I am always available to answer any queries on your projects, no matter how small and will be happy to advise on the best process to suit your translation requirements.

If you would like to contact me for a free no-obligation quote, then please email me or use the contact form on this page.